Top 10 Tips for Effective Networking

Networks have a purpose; could be any of the following – share information, learn and grow, or benefit life, either personal or professional. With the advent of the internet and social media there are various options for networking. Successful networking empowers an individual and opens up opportunities never imagined. Below are some tips on effective networking.

10. Make time to network constantly; not only when you need something. Invest the time and effort if you want to see results.
9. Before you ask for something, offer something of value to the other person. Keep your word and follow through on commitments. Remember to thank someone for their help.
8. Attend networking events related to your profession/area of expertise. Never under-estimate the power of meeting in person to build relationships.
7. Cultivate your network by being visible. Online networking sites have made this more accessible.
6. Be honest and authentic; don’t hesitate to show your vulnerabilities. We all have them.
5. Share content that reflects your mastery and skills that also benefits the recipient.
4. Ask genuine questions to learn; listen, explore and enquire. Use this information to make connections in your circle to help others. Add value by becoming an information exchange.
3. Your reputation matters; work on building and maintaining it. Earn the trust and goodwill of your relationships.
2. Be crystal clear of your purpose, goal, plan, outcome, and evaluation criteria for networking. Assess your progress and make changes if required.
1. Continuously work your connections. While you add new ones, nurture and strengthen your existing ones.

Remember “Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when given” – Deepak Chopra

Reading Reference: The start up of you by Reid Hoffman
Masters of Networking by Ivan R. Misner and Don Morgan