Top 10 Tips for effective Change Management

For a program or business transformation, effective change management is critical for success. We sometimes are immersed on getting to the finish line without paying attention to the impact the deliverables will have on an organization. Effective change management could significantly impact the outcome.

Some key points to remember are the following:
10. Reward the desired behavior/response to change. It will encourage adoption.
9. Have the right metrics in place to measure success along the way. Course correct if you see risks.
8. If training is required for adoption, plan, prepare, build, pilot test and rollout.
7. Recognize and manage resistance to change. Timely action is required if resistance comes from influencers.
6. Ensure the right resources to manage the change lifecycle are available. These include people, technologies and processes.
5. Explain what the change means for each impacted party. Take the time to do this well as it directly impacts adoption.
4. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. We can never have enough of this. Use all mediums available; newsletters, blogs, social media used in your environment, collaboration tools, town hall meetings so that folks can ask questions.
3. Build a stakeholder map and align with them. Ensure they are engaged, informed and supportive during the change lifecycle.
2. Reason for change. The Why? Take the time to explain the reason for change. Why it is necessary? How it will benefit the organization?
1. Executive sponsorship for change is important. You need a strong leader to champion the cause and help drive. You may need assistance to address resistance if its impact hinders change.

Reading References – How to Implement Successful Change in our Personal Lives and Professional Careers by Jeffrey M. Hiatt

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