Top 10 tips for conducting effective meetings

During a given day how much time do we spend at meetings? How effective are those meeting in achieving outcomes? Did the meeting make optimal use of the time spent by the participants? To ensure we conduct effective meetings …read on. (in chronological order for relvance)

1. Separate frequent tactical meetings (topics that are short term operational focused) from strategic ones that are less frequent (with topics that have a longer lasting impact).
2. Publish an Agenda organized by importance that clarifies the purpose and measurable outcomes.
3. If relevant, provide reading material ahead of time so the participants can come prepared.
4. Invite participants with the right capabilities to achieve the outcomes.
5. If necessary, assign roles for participants, e.g. scribe, facilitator.
6. Set ground rules agreed by the team, for participation at the meeting.
7. Start and end on time.
8. Encourage disagreement/discussion, challenge participants to innovate, summarize and review decisions.
9. Stick to the Agenda to achieve specified outcomes. Post spontaneous topics on a “Parking Lot” to be addressed during another forum.
10. Publish summarized meeting minutes (preferably in 24 hours), focused on results achieved. Include action items with owners and ETAs (estimated time to accomplish).
Reading References: The Encyclopedia of Leadership by Murray Hiebert and Bruce Klatt;
Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni

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