Dare 2B Digital Conference #d2bd13

Dare 2B Digital Conference – 2013

On 2/9/13, I had the privilege to present and participate in the Dare 2B Digital conference. The conference targeted middle and high school girls while encouraging them towards cool careers in Science and Technology. It aimed to inspire their inner entrepreneur to change the world. Workshops this year covered topics that included mobile applications, movie animation, eCommerce and digital communications. This year the conference was sold out. It was well attended by about 350 young women, 150 parents and 50 volunteers and mentors. A resounding success! Kudos to Ruth Stergiou, the CEO and founder of Dare 2B Digital (#d2bd13) for an amazing job.

#Symantec was a proud sponsor of this conference along with companies like Oracle, Google, Facebook, eBay, Mozilla, Netapp, Intel and others. I have had the privilege to speak for the past 3 years on a topic close to my heart. “Keeping Kids Safe online”. The session was for parents of middle and high school girls attending the conference. It touched upon issues like Cyber Bullying, phishing, as well as provided tips on protecting one’s identity, reputation, online especially on social networks.

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